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What Size Saucier Pan is Best?

A saucier pan that is between 1.5 and 2 quarts in size is versatile for different kitchen needs. It is perfect for sauces, gravies, small batches of soup, or pasta. Anything lower than 1 quart is not versatile enough.

Is a Saucier Pan Worth It?

A saucier pan offers advantages over a traditional saucepan when making oatmeal or risotto, or simmering sauces that take time to thicken. The rounded bottom allows for efficient stirring and whisking without the food sticking between the bottom and sides of the pan.

What is the Difference Between a Saucier and a Saucepan?

The main difference is the shape. A saucepan has a flat bottom with tall, straight sides, while a saucier has sloped walls and a wide opening. Both pans are ideal for making sauces, boiling water but sauciers are better for frequent stirring.

What Can You Cook in a Saucier Pan?

A saucier pan can be used to cook anything that a saucepan can. You can cook pasta, reduce sauces, boil potatoes, make stew or braise, just like you would with a saucepan.

What Do You Look for in a Saucier Pan?

When buying a saucier pan, consider its performance, curved wall shape, wide cooking surface, handle design, and smooth, gently flared walls. Also, consider if the handle becomes too hot and if it has a sharp angle.

Do I Need a Saucier Pan?

If you’re making custard, certain sauces, or other recipes that require frequent stirring, a saucier pan’s sloped sides make it the ideal choice. It prevents burning and sticky clumps of food while also giving you more space to stir and whisk.

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What Is a Saucier Good For?

A saucier pan is versatile and can cook anything that a saucepan can cook, including pasta, reduced sauces, boiled potatoes, stews, or braised dishes.

Can You Stir Fry in a Saucier?

While saucier pans are better for making sauces, they can also handle stir-frying due to their wide diameter range of 7 to 13 inches.