canning green beans the old-fashioned way

When it comes to canning green beans, the old-fashioned way is the best way! This method uses a pressure canner and allows you to preserve fresh green beans for up to 18 months. It’s important to follow all the safety guidelines when canning green beans, so make sure you do your research before getting started. … Read more

can you make soup with cornish hens

Cornish hens are a type of chicken that can be used for many different types of cooking. They have a characteristic flavor that is similar to butternut squash and they make a delicious and hearty soup. If you’re looking for a healthy and hearty soup, cornish hens are a great option. can you make soup … Read more

can you use pork loin for pulled pork

Pork loin can be used for pulled pork, but it’s not the best choice because it doesn’t have a lot of flavor. The best option is to use a pork shoulder or leg. Can you use any pork for pulled pork? Pork is a common ingredient for pulled pork, but there are a few considerations … Read more

can you microwave a sweet potato

Despite their name, sweet potatoes are not related to potatoes. In fact, they are a type of tuber. You can microwave a sweet potato, just like you would any other vegetable. Just be sure to cut it into small pieces so that it cooks evenly. can you microwave a sweet potato Microwaving a sweet potato … Read more

can you substitute half and half for milk

Half and half can be a great substitute for milk in many recipes. It has a similar consistency and flavor, making it an easy choice for those with dairy allergies or restrictions. This versatile ingredient can be used in coffee, tea, cereal, cookies, ice cream and more. What can I use if I don’t have … Read more

can you air fry shrimp

Air frying shrimp is a great way to cook them without having to use a lot of oil or heating up your kitchen. You can also customize the air frying method to make sure they come out perfectly. How long does it take to cook shrimp in the air fryer? Shrimp are a popular seafood … Read more

can dogs eat corned beef

Corned beef is a food that is often eaten by humans, but it can also be eaten by dogs. Many people believe that dogs can’t eat corned beef because it contains a high amount of sugar. However, there are actually many ways to cook corned beef that the dog will enjoy. If you’re worried about … Read more

can you juice a banana in a juicer

People are often surprised to learn that you can juice a banana. Bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. They can also be used in smoothies or as an addition to cereal. can you juice a banana in a juicer If you’re looking to juice a banana, most juicers will not … Read more

can you make pastrami from chuck roast

Chuck roast is a cut from the back of the cow that is typically used for meat substitutes like burgers and hot dogs. It is relatively easy to make pastrami from chuck roast, but it does require some patience and some skill. can you make pastrami from chuck roast Chuck roast is a cut from … Read more