District Fresh Kitchen Free Pizza Giveaway Program!

At District Fresh Kitchen, we believe that nothing brings people together like pizza. We appreciate our loyal customers and wanted to show our gratitude by offering you the chance to win a month’s worth of free pizza! As a global business with presence in 24 countries, we want to spread the love of pizza everywhere.

District Fresh Kitchen Free Pizza Giveaway Program!


????️ Gift giving period: Gifts start today and end in two weeks

To participate in our special giveaway, just follow the steps below:

1️⃣ Tell us about you

We appreciate your feedback and we’d love to hear about your pizza preferences and experiences at District Fresh Kitchen. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey, which will help us improve our services and understand your unique preferences.

Welcome to your Which country are you from

Where you live


2️⃣ Fill in the form

Once you have completed the survey, you will be redirected to a form where you can provide your contact details. We need this information to notify you if you win and arrange a free pizza delivery for you.

3️⃣ Monitor your Inbox

After you have submitted the form, monitor your email inbox. If you are the lucky winner, we will notify you via email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

???? Enjoy a month of free Pizza!

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???? Prize: The lucky winner will get a free pizza for a month! Each week, you will be treated to a delicious freshly baked pizza of your choice.

???? Terms and conditions:

The giveaway is open to all District Fresh Kitchen customers across the 24 countries where our business is located.

Only one entry per person is allowed.

By participating in the giveaway, you agree to receive occasional promotional emails from District Fresh Kitchen.

???? Winner will be selected at random from the group of participants who completed the survey and filled out the form.

Winners will be notified via email within one week after the giveaway ends.

Prizes include one free pizza every day for one month, subject to availability and regional menu options.

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product or service.

Winners may be asked to provide additional information for prize purposes.

District Fresh Kitchen reserves the right to modify or terminate the gift program at any time.

Good luck to everyone attending! Let’s share the joy of pizza together! ”

We hope you’re as excited about Fresh Kitchen County’s Free Pizza Giveaway as we are! Take the survey, fill out the form and get ready to enjoy a month of delicious, mouthwatering pizzas with us. Good luck!