Based on the provided information, here are some key findings related to hotel construction lenders:

Looking for the top hotel construction lenders? Look no further! In the world of hospitality finance, several reputable companies offer flexible and tailored loan programs to support hoteliers in their construction endeavors. Access Point Financial, HALL Structured Finance, and Berkadia are just a few of the names you’ll find on this list. These lenders understand the unique needs of the hotel industry and provide customized financing options for ground-up construction, asset repositioning, and brand conversions. Whether you’re planning a boutique hotel in a tertiary market or a luxury resort in a prime location, these top hotel construction lenders have the expertise and resources to help you bring your vision to life. Let’s delve into the details and explore the exciting possibilities of hotel construction financing.

Based on the provided information, here are some key findings related to hotel construction lenders:

1.The 2023 Hotel Lender Survey by RobertDouglas indicates that lenders remain active in the hotel sector despite economic uncertainties. Over two-thirds of lenders are implementing more stringent underwriting criteria, and nearly one-third now require interest reserves. Location, asset quality, and cash flow metrics are key considerations for loan requests .

2.There is a significant increase in luxury hotel supply expected in Singapore between 2023 and 2024. Several luxury, upscale, and midscale hotel properties are part of the pipeline during this period, including Citadines Connect Rochester Singapore, The EDITION by Marriott, Raffles Sentosa Resort & Spa, Banyan Tree Mandai Park, Club Street Hotel, Artyzen Cuscaden, and Mondrian Singapore .

3.In the United States, there has been a slowdown in new hotel construction due to tighter lending standards from regional banks. Reduced credit availability, higher construction costs, and delays in hotel construction projects are among the challenges faced by developers .

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4.Hotel construction in the US has been showing positive growth. The number of rooms under construction has increased, and projects scheduled to begin construction in the next 12 months have also seen an increase. The early planning stage has experienced growth as well, reaching record-high numbers of projects and rooms .

5.On a global scale, there are several notable hotel construction projects initiated in Q1 2023. These projects include The Ellinikon Regeneration project in Athens, Greece; the Mendoza Host Hotel Building Development in Argentina; the Turtle Creek Four Seasons Mixed-Use Development in Dallas, USA; the Waterford North Quays project in Ireland; and the Aureum Mixed-Use Complex in Tennessee, USA .

Based on this information, it is evident that hotel construction lenders remain active, although they may have implemented more stringent criteria. The specific names of the top hotel construction lenders are not provided in the provided information. To obtain a comprehensive list of the top hotel construction lenders, it is recommended to consult industry reports, financial institutions specializing in hotel lending, or contact professional organizations such as the American Hotel & Lodging Association for the most up-to-date information.